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Lab-made ?mini organs? helping doctors treat cystic fibrosis
Els van der Heijden, who has cystic fibrosis, was finding it ever harder to breathe as her lungs filled with thick, sticky mucus. Despite taking more than a dozen pills and inhalers a day, the 53-year-old had to stop working and scale back doing the thing she loved best, horseback riding...
 ١٠:٢٣ - 1396/06/08 - نظرات : ٠متن کامل >>
In a Verdict by Dr. Rouhani;Dr. Sattari was appointed as the vice president for science and technology affairs.
Referring to Article 144 of the Constitution, the president of Iran assigned ?Sorena Sattari? as the ?vice president for science and technology affairs? in a verdict.
 ١٦:٢٣ - 1396/05/27 - نظرات : ٠متن کامل >>
First implants derived from stem cells to ?cure? type 1 diabetes
Last week, two people with type 1 diabetes became the first to receive implants containing cells generated from embryonic stem cells to treat their condition. The hope is that when blood sugar levels rise, the implants will release insulin to restore them to normal.
 ١٦:٤٨ - 1396/05/21 - نظرات : ٠متن کامل >>
The Most Important Event in the Field of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Is Ended.
According to the news headquarter of the second national festival and international congress of stem cells and regenerative medicine, Amir Ali Hamidieh, secretary of stem cells science and technology development headquarter, expressed the warm welcome of the festival at the closing ceremony of the event, stating: given the warm welcome by the participants, registration for the event ended two weeks after announcing the call due to the great number of referrals. In total, three thousand individuals participated in the second round of this festival.
 ١٠:٣٦ - 1396/04/26 - نظرات : ٠متن کامل >>
A protein that stem cells require could be a target in killing breast cancer cells
Cancer cells, like stem cells, have the ability to multiply indefinitely; epigenetic factor BPTF may be a shared weakness
 ٠٨:٤٤ - 1396/03/21 - نظرات : ٠متن کامل >>
Organoid model systems are taking research to the next dimension
Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from a donor cell bank may open a new paradigm shift in stem cell treatment
Starting Call for Registration in the Second National Festival and International Congress on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
3D heart created from stem cells, no scaffold involved
Life expectancy forecast to exceed 90 years in coming decades
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